The Louie Louie charts!
The Louie Louie charts! Here are the very unofficial Louie Louie charts, as voted for by the visitors of these pages. The top 5 is rather obvious (apart from the one at #4 maybe), but there are a lot of single votes as well, which are included for their often very dedicated and enjoyable comments. Thanks to all the contributants! And continue to cast your votes please!
# artist comments
1 The Sonics "The ultimate garage punk version by the ultimate garage punk group. And from the geographically appropriate region, too. One listen to Gerry Roslie's scream at the beginning, and you know this cat means it! It's a killer: I've heard it hundreds of times and it never fails to excite me and incite me to acts of juvenile delinquence (in thought anyway) even though I haven't been a juvenile for a long, long time. Simply, the best."

"It just rocks out! I bought the Rhino LP in 1987 for a friend who was leaving for Australia for a year. We listened to it and thought that The Sonics won the battle of the Louie bands off that album. Very strange, but I didn't hear another song by the Sonics until the Nuggets box set came out. Now I hear them all over the place."
2 The Kingsmen "I know it is the most popular version and just to prove that records with enormous musical mistakes (the drummer plays a break to introduce the chorus that doesn't come) can reach the highest (nearly) spots in the hit parade"

"It's the only one I know of :-)"

"I think that it sounded the best out of all of the versions that I heard. Even though they did mess-up right after the guitar solo. I think I like Louie Louie just because of the lyrics. You can't understand them, but that's the whole point of the song, just to party!"

"It offers the most possibility of ambiguity!!!!!"
3 Black Flag "It's a very funny cover by a crazy band."

" :) Need I say more?"

"It rocks the most!"
4 Mick Lloyd's Nashville Music Machine "You can understand what is going on, and it is different"

"... dool with female singers... "
5 The Swamp Rats "It's raw, it's full of energy, it's got balls!

The next ones only got one single vote (they are not in any particular order):

Paul Revere & The Raiders "Paul Revere was king in the Portland-Vancouver area when I was a teenager. Portland HATED the Kingsmen. The Wailers were good but Lindsay's vocal topped them all."

The Sleepfarmers "I saw them play it live in 1996 in Edgeley, North Dakota, USA - it was a hell of a show!"

Grateful Dead "Best musicians, better groove, dare I say 'mature'..."

Rockin' Robin Roberts "Probably because this is the first version that I heard. And that is what I remember - that Seattle sound. "

Julie London "Because of her (sexy, sultry) voice and the orchestration, Louie Louie become a "je t'aime moi non plus" (Gainsbourg song)... a very sensual version!"

"Plastic People" by Frank Zappa "Started my MP3 quest for Louie Louie (70 versions now)"

Iggy Pop "His 'American Ceasar' version. Why? It's so funny and strong! Like Iggy..."

Stupid Set "They are are my oldest friends band; and in Italy they was the best in the 80s. The song is a very particular transcription of the original one, in its own particular sound!"

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Louie Louie for president! Now that you've studied all 400+ versions and read the above comments you can cast your own vote for your most favourite Louie Louie version of all times! Let me also know why you prefer this particular version.
This is my all-time favourite version of 'Louie Louie':


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