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'Louie Louie' has been used several times to help bring up the sales of such different products as cars or cheese. The relevance of Louie Louie in combination with the product to sell is a complete mystery to me.
California Cooler "The greatest party-drink ever bottled is proud to bring you the greatest party song ever recorded".
This radio-commercial for a carbonated wine-drink is from the early 80's and links in to the at the time recently released Rhino compilation album.
Peugeot Part of the song (The Kingsmen's version) was used as soundtrack in a Dutch Peugeot-car TV-commercial in 1996. It was a clip about some crash test, in which the dummies, while being launched onto a wall, took over, switched on the radio (playing Louie Louie) and drove away into the wide (French?) countryside.
Parmiggiano Reggiano
In Italy there was a tv-advertisement for some kind of Parmigiano (Parmesan) cheese snack (1997). In a commercial of 30 seconds they managed to cram two instrumental versions of Louie Louie. The first one appears to be a re-recording of the Iggy Pop / American Ceasar cover, the second one is played on accordion in cajun / zydeco style.
In the UK there was a TV commercial for Lucozade* in 1998 that featured the Kingsmen's Louie Louie. According to Gavin Robinson it went something like this:
A group of mods park their scooters outside a block of flats and the leader shouts up at a window: "Jimmy! Wake up". Jimmy emerges on the balcony looking tired and half dressed and says: "Push off you lot, I've just got up". The chief mod replies: "It's Brighton. Have you forgotten?". Jimmy ushes to get dressed, and I think it's about this point that Louie Louie starts playing, but I'm not sure whether it has any specific relevance. As Jimmy is running down the stairs, his mum says: "Jimmy, I've made you some sandwiches" and all his mates laugh at him. He goes back for his packed lunch which includes a bottle of Lucozade (which I think he drinks before he leaves). The mods then go on their way, and the final shot is of them riding their scooters down a country road, with Louie Louie playing more prominently.
I didn't see the commercial myself, but based upon Gavin's detailed description I guess it must have been inspired by the Quadrophenia movie, which also featured the Kingsmen's version.
*(Lucozade is a fizzy drink of indeterminate flavour, which is meant to be good for you in some unspecified way.)
Snap.com Lately (June 2000) there is a commercial to be seen on US-tv for some Internet company called snap.com (apparently an Internet department of NBC), where they use the Kingsmen's rendition again.
Computer Game
'Louie Louie' is also the theme song to the game 'California Games' (a compilation of rather silly computer games). This applies to the Sega Master System version. There are no lyrics. It's just the music, scratchy but recognisable. And of course there are no credits.
Captain N: The Game Master The music appeared on 'Captain N: The Game Master', a Saturday morning NBC cartoon that ran from 1989 to 1992. The music was in a second season (1990) episode called 'THE BIG GAME'.
The Simpsons
There is an episode called 'Homer goes to college' (aired October 14, 1993) in which Homer, in order to continue in his job at the Nuclear power plant, has to attend college. About halfway in the episode Homer is lying on his bed listening to Louie Louie (just a short fragment, appearingly a selfmade instrumental re-recording). During the closing credits you can hear the Kingsmen's version (cut off exactly after the drummers' 'fuck'). Matt Groening uses LL again in his new series Futurama, which swipes the song for their own theme song.
Space Ghost A series recorded for Cartoon network. It was for the episode 'Space Ghost: Coast to Coast'. This is a version by Bob Mould (formerly of Hüsker Dü. He was accompanied by Zorak (the lone locust of the apocalypse) in a 'rousing' version of the famed song.
Sabrina: The Animated Series In an episode of this series, (of which I currently have no further information) Sabrina and Salem are trapped inside the stomach of a whale with disappeared antiques (the Titanic lady's neck thingie for example) then Salem rummages through something and holds up a tattered sheet of paper saying "It's the lost lyrics to Louie Louie"
Midi Midi
Apart from the recorded versions above there are several Midi-Louie-Louies hanging around on the Internet. They are presented (and downloadable) below. Of course I would gladly grant the authors the credits they deserve but most of them are anonymous. So if someone recognises something of themselves in these following files please let me know and you'll have your name in lights!
You are warmly invited of course to join this list, especially if you feel challenged to make another version. The stranger the better!
Midi Louie Louie 1
(~ 52 Kbytes).
Midi Louie Louie 2
(~ 21 Kbytes).
Midi Louie Louie 3
(~ 27 Kbytes).
Daniel Dauplaise's midi Louie Louie
(~65 Kbytes).
The New Babbitt Embarrass Band midi Louie Louie
(~15 Kbytes).
By Gary Larson
By Jeff MacNelly,
Pulitzer award winning, syndicated political cartoonist for the Chicago Tribune
Another one by Gary Larson
The Fusco Brothers
by J.K.Duffy
The great cartoon below was supplied by Walter Koenig, who also added the following commentary:
'The 1988 Campaign Special' in Bloom County by Berke Breathed appeared in US Newspapers Sunday, October 9, 1988. Here are presented the original lyrics by R. Berry, and "interpretations" by Michael Dukakis, George Bush Sr. and Bill D. Cat"
There is a little yellow box on the right that says: "REVEALS A SIMPLE HONESTY". This is of course of vital importance to the humor given the comments (and credibility of Dukakis & Bush) in the other two yellow boxes and a character important statement about Bill D. Cat.
The original size was 35cm x 16cm. Look here for a more readable version of the above lyrics.
Louie Louie in literature
Apart from the obvious 'Louie Louie'-appearances in books, the title sometimes pops up in more or less literary works.
Stephen King
'Danse Macabre', Futura Books, Macdonald & Co Ltd., London, 1982
In 'Danse Macabre', a mix between an autobiography and an essay on horror in films, television and books appears a footnote on the subject of 'talent' and 'learning':
But, I hasten to add, only if you have the talent there to begin with. You can spend ten years refining common earth and come out at the end with nothing but common earth, sifted fine. I have been playing guitar since the age of fourteen, and at the age of thirty-three I've not progressed much beyond where I was at sixteen, playing 'Louie Louie' and 'Little Deuce Coupe' on rhythm guitar with a group called the Moonspinners.
Mikal Gilmore
'Shot In The Heart', Doubleday, New York, June 1994
The following excerpt is from page 273:
On weekends, I was going to the teen dance clubs in downtown Portland. One of them, the Headless Horseman, was located in the space of and old gangster's night-club, where Gary used to hang out. Now it was full of teenagers, all decked out in the semi-mod fahsion that preceded the soon-to-come hippie era. We would go there in our wide-wale (sic) corduroys and polka-dot or flower-print shirts with white collars and cuffs, and our knee-high boots. My mother didn't have much money, but she did her best to make sure I always had modern and fashionable clothes, bless her.
Inside the clubs, we would ask teenage women in short skirts and hoop earrings to dance to the club's regular bands - local groups like the Kingsmen (of "Louie Louie" fame), the Wailers and, once in a blue moon, Paul Revere and the Raiders.
Matt Ruff
'Sewer, Gas and Electric / The Sewer Works Trilogy', New York, 1997
In this apparently crazy book is a chapter called something like 'When Richard Berry and the Kingsmen performed in Bethlehem'. In this story there are people living in a submarine named "Yabba-Dabba-Doo", who play duh duh duh - duh duh on a baroque cembalo with an E-sitar as solo instrument, changing the text into something about the Intifada ('Douie Douie, PLO, we want a state, jeieieieiei ...' and so on).
Credits to Christine for finding this out. As soon as I have found a copy of my own there's more to follow.
Stewart Home
'Cranked Up Really High', Codex, 1995
In the chapter 'No More Rock 'n' Roll' is an extensive piece of criticism dedicated to Louie Louie, Dave Marsh, Richard Berry as well as a description of John The Postman's and the Angry Samoans' version. In time I will add this excerpt in full.
Brett Easton Ellis
'American Psycho', Vintage Books, New York, 1991
In the chapter 'Lunch with Bethany' the following dialog pops up between Patrick and Bethany:
“I’ve heard they’re quite good live,” she says, and her own voice has a light, musical lilt to it. “Who else do you like?”
“Oh you know,” I say, completely stuck. “The, Kingsmen. ‘Louie, Louie.’ That sort of stuff.”
“Gosh, Patrick,” she says, looking at every part of my face.
“What?” I panic, immediately touching my hair. “Too much mousse? You don’t like the Kingsmen?”
So, real Literature, at last! Thanks Clay, for noticing! By the way, in the screen play for the 2000 movie this dialog piece has unfortunately been skipped.
The Louie Louie Bar
Enrique Hernandez (AKA known as Kike Louie) was the initiator of the excellent and unique 'Spanish Louie Louie Compilation', as well as the owner of the Louie Records label. He started the Louie Louie Bar in Madrid (see below). Later he moved to Gijón where he now has opened another Louie Louie Café! Here is the logo for the new bar as well as the address (pictures will be available soon!):
C/ Vicaría, 13
33202 Cimadevilla, Gijón, Asturias
An absolute must for all Louieists visiting Europe!
This is Enrique's former 'LOUIE LOUIE BAR' in Madrid. It's been there for 5 years already and is still open, has even been remodeled lately! The address of the bar is:
C/ La Palma 43
28013 Madrid
Do not go there too early though, it seems to be not open until midnight!
The Louie Louie Cocktail
This recipe was found at The Webtender And now that we're in the bar anyway, lately someone invented the Louie Louie cocktail! "Created when a friend of mine poured some of his black russian into my glass of Southern Comfort. To our surprise it was good."
Here are the ingredients:
3 oz Southern Comfort
1 oz Vodka
1 oz Tia Maria
Kind of glass doesn't matter. Stir, taste and let me know if it resembles Louie Louie in whatever way.
The Louie Louie Restaurant
Italian restaurant at:
1103 East Las Olas Boulevard,
Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA

"Inexpensive lunch and dinner featuring homemade italian fare, such as veal piccata, lasagna, fetuccine served by Alfredo in a casual atmosphere."
Another Louie Bar
Not just a bar, but a whole chain of bars or restaurants (click the logo for a link to their website)
The question remains whether it has anything to do at all with the song in question. My guess is 'nothing at all' though you could go there and try to prove that (or the opposite of course). But there must be scores of 'Louie' bars all over the world. After all, it was already a name before it became a song title...
The Louie Louie Wallpainting
Café 'de Diepte' at the Pieterspoortsteeg in Amsterdam (close to Dam Square) has this Louie Louie painting on their facade. Well, actually it's an Iggy Pop painting but he is singing Louie Louie. If you get into the bar and you're lucky they might even be playing some Louie Louie.
The Louie Louie Fishing Boat
Somewhere in Delaware you can go tuna-fishing on this boat. You can even e-mail the Captain. I forgot the address but if you type in "Louie Louie" at the whatever search engine it's one of the first resulting URL's. Have a nice trip!
The Louie Louie Dog
There is some brand of dog called a 'Louie Louie', no idea who or what originated this name but I can't wait to hear the barked LL-version.
The Louie Louie Bear
Classy like the old love songs, cool like the new dance songs, Louie Louie is a companion for all the round-and-rounds, ups and downs, of your life.
Giving you a softness to hang on to (and real leather pads to caress) in times of trouble, he's the next best thing to a best friend.
He seems to recall times gone by, listening in rapt attention to the latest whorl in your emotional existence. And in the giddy first hours of a new experience, he's game for anything, holding on and skipping along, the light playing of his deep alpaca coat as you pull him through your adventures.
Louie Louie, love.
This piece of junk was found on some website selling cuddly toys and because no one can be seriously interested in buying stuff like this we won't mention the URL here. But I wouldn't withold you the accompanying description (notice the definite perverse undertone).
Only when you have an utter dislike of someone you could pick up the idea of sending him or her something like this. But mind you, the sucker costs $260. Enough to buy yourself that rare 60s garage 45 vinyl 'Louie Louie' record.
The Louie Louie Work Of Art
Rochelle Toner
"Louie Louie"
etching; 16" x 14.5"
Washington University Women's Society Artist

I'm unaware where the title comes from, but if you look at this painting long enough you will surely discern a certain 'duh duh duh. duh duh'-feel in it...
The Louie Louie Fake Artist
Everyone who has typed "Louie Louie" in whatever search engine or mp3-machine will have hit upon this sleazy Las Vegas type 'artiste' (whose main feature is having been in one of Madonna's videos) who produces some horrible kind of ear pollution that is in no way related to even the worst version of Louie Louie. So watch out for this fake, who will no more be spoken of from now on, unless it releases a version of the song it nicked its name from.
The Louie Louie Fake Album
Watch out! If you buy this album by Chris Daniels & the Kings you won't get any Louie Louie at all! It's just a swing orchestra tribute compilation album with songs of Louis Jordan, Louis Prima and Louis Armstrong.
The Louie Louie Dancing Baby
Just click the picture, download and play this file (~ 1 Mbyte). Now here's for some REAL stupidity!