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Louie Louie chapter in 'Plaatjesboek'

In Leo Blokhuis' second book on source and history of famous or influential rocksongs there is an extended article on Louie Louie.
If I can get clearance I will put a scan up here. In the meantime you'll have to do with the book cover. Click it to go to the author's site.

('Het Plaatjesboek' by Leo Blokhuis, ed. Ambo/Anthos Amsterdam 2007)

Louie Louie 50th anniversary celebration in Berlin

On Wednesday, May 9th 2007

Mi 9. 5., 21Uhr im LICHTSPIELKLUB!
Lichtspielklub im General Public, Schönhauser Allee 167, 10435 Berlin (U-Bhf. Senefelder Platz), www.lichtspielklub.de

One Song. One Night. 1001 Versions.
Eine Hommage an den am zweithäufigsten gecoverten Song der Musikgeschichte.
"LOUIE LOUIE" DJ-Set mit Panik & Entsetzen DJ-Team!
"LOUIE LOUIE" Live Contest für Alle!
"LOUIE LOUIE" Geschichtsstunde!

Richard Berry hat es komponiert und im April 1957 das erste Mal als B-Seite veröffentlicht, The Kingsmen haben es populär gemacht und Iggy & The Stooges haben es erstmals grandios zerschreddert. Der Song "Louie Louie" ist nach "Yesterday" der am zweithäufigsten gecoverte der Musikgeschichte. Um dieses Lied ist ein nahezu religiöser Kult fanatischer Fans entstanden, die jede der inzwischen über 1500 Versionen besitzen wollen. Der Komponist des Songs lebte später von Sozialhilfe, das FBI ermittelte und führte Akten über das Lied und inzwischen spielt es jede Garagenband, die etwas auf sich hält.
Es ist Zeit für den Lichtspielklub, Tribut zu zollen!
Und das geht so:

"LOUIE LOUIE" von Klassik, Rock'n'Roll, Soul, Rocksteady, Marschmusik, HipHop, Punk, Hardcore, Electro bis Garage. Von Motörhead, Black Flag, Fat Boys, The Clash, Jon the Postman, Billy Childish, Grateful Dead, Iggy Pop, Maureen Tucker, Frank Zappa, The Kingsmen, R.E.M., Bad Religion, Otis Redding, The Doors, Kolossale Jugend, Ike & Tna Turner, The Sonics und jede Menge mehr.

"SING LOUIE LOUIE!" - Der Live Contest

Ein Mikro, eine alte Gitarre plus Verstärker und Verzerrer für beides und jeder kann "LOUIE LOUIE" damit auf schönste oder schrecklichste Weise interpretieren. Ob mit oder ohne Talent: "Be our star!"

Spielscheine liegen im Lichtspielklub aus. "Win the special price!"

Die "LOUIE LOUIE" Geschichtsstunde: Kopien der FBI-Akten, Plattencover, verschieden Songtextfassungen ...

Livemitschnitte von Iggy Pop u.a. auf grosser Leinwand!

The Louie Louie Screenplay
Andrew Gerngross is a writer living in Los Angeles. He has written a highly fictionalized and comic screenplay about the FBI investigation into "Louie Louie". If you're interested, you can take a look at it here. As of today, the screenplay is still not been optioned or sold, but you can get in touch with Andrew here. Hurry!
History repeating

05-05-2005: Another new 'Louie Louie' world record!
The first time in history, to my knowledge, that an instrumental song gets banned for its lyrics! Although the decision in the meantime has been revoked (apparently they were startled by the big attention it attracted) this idiocy may not pass by unnoticed.
Read more here: http://story.news.yahoo.com/s/ap/no_louie_louie
The story of Daddy's PC and Julia VeeBee Read the true story about how Louie got in between a dad and his daughter and how Louie Louie brought them back together again!
Including two great new and downloadable Dutch Louie Louie versions!
The new Louie Louie café
flier.jpg - 33221 Bytes
The new Louie Louie bar in Gijón, Spain is open since May 31st. A new landmark by Enrique Hernandez (AKA Kike Louie - remember him? he was the initiator for the incomparable Spanish Louie Louie Compilation album on Louie Records). This is the flier announcing the opening night. Be sure to check it out when you visit Asturia on the Spanish north-coast. The address is c/Vicaría 13, Cimavilla/Gijón.
Bill Clinton plays Louie Louie
During his farewell tour at the end of 2000, Bill Clinton visited the Dover High School and Regional Vocational Center at Dover, New Hampshire. Members of the school marching band talked him into playing his saxophone with them before he left. They performed one song, and that song was "LOUIE LOUIE".
Although this picture was taken there it obviously is no proof, but... the event has been caught on video. But where to find it? Someone somewhere in or around Dover, New Hampshire must have had his VCR on record? Please...?
The Louie Louie Cocktail Drink Cheers!
The Louie Louie Teddy Bear How irrelevant can you get?
The Louie Louie Work Of Art At least there's SOME cultural luggage on these pages.
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