The Psyché Rock Variations
This song is written and recorded by the French 'musique concrète' composer Pierre Henry together with Michel Colombier. It is part of a piece called 'Messe Pour Le Temps Present', written for a ballet by Maurice Bejart. Although entitled 'Psyché rock', this can't be be regarded otherwise as a straighforward 'Louie Louie'-cover which has most recently become very popular with dance DJ's and producers. In this section you find Pierre Henry's Louie Louie interpretation and remixes, derivations and reinterpretations thereof, sometimes very far away from the original.
Pierre Henry and Michel Colombier Psyché Rock
Ken Abyss Psyché Rock - Metal Time Machine Mix
Coldcut Psyché Rock - Psyched Out
Coldcut's Computer + Hex Psyché Rock - Chopped Up
Fatboy Slim Psyché Rock - Malpaso Radio Edit
Fatboy Slim Psyché Rock - Malpaso Mix
William Orbit Psyché Rock - The Invisible Mix
Les Yper-sound Psyché Rock
Ursula 1000 Psyché Rock
The Moog Cookbook Piffy Rock
Fatboy Slim Psyché Dub
Kojak Psyché Rock
Ken Abyss & M.I.E.L. Live & Direct Meex
Jon Of The Pleased Wimmin Psyché Rock
Pierre Henry Psyché Rock Resurrection