Why this website?
Why? This site was first started in August 1995. After an extensive search of the then present WWW I couldn't find nothing about neither Richard Berry nor Louie Louie. Which surprised me, because the song had had a long history until then, culminating in a book about the song's history, two compilation albums by Rhino Records and rumours of a Louie Louie marathon somewhere in the US, where apparently hundreds of version had been played for days and days at a stretch (no pun intended).
Because I had been a collector of Louie Louie versions since I first heard the Kingsmen's record, and further growth of this collection had stagnated for some years I thought it might be a good idea to continue my search in a more contemporary way. Beside that I had just finished reading Dave Marsh's Louie Louie book and there I found out that there were considerable more versions of Louie Louie around than I could possibly expect. Moreover, LL had never been much of a hit in the Netherlands, so a world wide website seemed to be the proper way to extend my search to a global level. In this site I included the 'Maximum Louie Louie' list that was originally compiled by Doc Pelzel, Jeff 'Stretch' Riedle and Phil Dirt for the abovementioned book to which I appended my own modest list of so far collected items.
The reactions were beyond expectations. It took me 25 years to collect my first 30 versions, and in hardly five years this number went up by more than a 1000%!
And also the general web-interest in Louie Louie has grown. There are now numerous sites that are completely or partly dedicated to Louie Louie, Richard Berry, The Kingsmen, Paul Revere or other aspects of the songs rich history. And the lyrics are all over the Internet, of course mainly due to their presumed obscenity! When I tried a search engine in September 1995 on the subject of 'Louie Louie' I got 9 results: all lyrics. You should try that now!
So the WWW has helped certainly to spread whatever message 'duh duh duh. duh duh.' has to offer this world. At last this song, being the very pedestal of rock 'n' roll, is getting the global attention it deserves.
And it doesn't stop here. If you think that its popularity is limited to some 60s garage freaks or other nostalgic music-lovers: listen to the very recent dance versions or re-mixes. Or notice the distinct Louie Louie influence on for example a recent Eels hit. Whether you like it or hate it: this song will never grow old and is gonna outlive all of us! And this this website will be going down in history as the first one dedicated to all the ins an outs of this anthem, for what that's worth...
How? As may have become clear this website evolves around the Louie Louie discography. By clicking on one of the items in the menu you can navigate through it. At the bottom of every page you find a 'back to previous' and 'main' button. The first acts as you would expect, the other brings up the main menu on the left. There are some different menus: clicking on the title option brings you to the main page of that item.
The discography itself consists of 2 sections:
Louie Louie
Not Louie Louie
This is the discography of real Louie Louie cover-versions. These are divided in the following partitions:
  • The A-Z section: Alphabetic section on artist name - also anonymous and unknown versions. You can also find a complete review of the official releases here.
  • Compilations: The LL compilation albums
  • Wanted: Versions I'm still looking for; if you want to earn a free CD, look here!
  • Mysteries: Complete obscure possible Louie Louie versions...
This section contains all Louie Louie related music, divided into several groups.
  • Sources: Songs that have given birth to Louie Louie
  • Bastards: Songs that have been derived from Louie Louie
  • Relations: Songs that can be regarded as Louie Louie's brothers and sisters
Tech This website was created using HotDog Professional 5, and was tested mainly on Netscape Navigator. It was designed for a resolution of 800 x 600 at least, although it works optimal at 1024 x 768 (using that you don't have to scroll so much). Whenever you notice things that appear wrong on your screen, or other technical failures, but also mistakes regarding the content or horrendous errors in my English, please inform me. All your criticism, ideas, hints or other reactions will be taken seriously and is most welcome.
© This site is entirely dedicated to the work and genius of Richard Berry.

Nothing on this site is copyrighted or otherwise protected (except maybe the parts I stole from others - like the movieposters or some book-quotations). I've been trying to mention my sources as accurate as possible but let me know if I forgot someone!
As for the rest: you can grab, steal and use whatever you want... however I'd be grateful if you'd mention where you got it from... or just add a link to this site! Thanks!

Let's go!