Louie Louie in the movies

The A-Team ateam
Director Sidney Hayers
Year 1983
Cast George Peppard, Dwight Schulz, Mr.T, Dirk Bendict
Louie Louie performed by Unknown (Kingsmen soundalike)
Series 5, episode 5: The Theory Of Revolution (aired 24 october 1986).
The members of the A-Team are living the good life with a bunch of bikini clad babes at their private resort in Langley, Virginia when General Stockwell arrives with his assistant Carla and Scout master Murdock. Alexander Martien, Dictator of San Marcos, has taken three U.S. citizens hostage. The Team is dropped off at San Marcos by submarine and hooks up with a group of revolutionaries. Frankie finds a love interest in the shape of a local girl, Bonita Guajevos. When Faceman is thrown into the same cell as the three hostages, they turn out to be American Inteligence Agents with Russians on their trail.