The comprehensive Louie Louie discography
This discography started out as the list of known Louie-covers published as the 'Maximum Louie Louie' discography in Dave Marsh's book and was originally put together by Doc Pelzel, Jeff 'Stretch' Riedle and Phil Dirt. I added the versions I had collected myself until that moment and published the complete list (almost 150 versions) on my website, asking visitors to add any information they could supply. This was a great success, and by now the list has grown more than twice its length.
I decided to include only 'official' releases, which means all the versions have to be at least on vinyl or CD (legal as well as bootlegged), videotape and in some cases on cassette or more recently, been released as MP3-file.
From several people I received also their own recorded interpretations which are equally appreciated of course (and sometimes they are far more interesting than many 'real' ones), but I want to restrict the discography to 'official' releases. So I won't include them here but I'm thinking of adding a Louie Louie DIY-list in time... so keep sending them!
Inlcuded are also some (vastly expanding) lists of Louie Louie-soundalikes, similar songs and downright shameless plagiarisms. These also are of much interest to prove the importance and big influence of the original so new entries to this collection are equally welcome!
My intention in publishing these discographies is of course to keep track of all Louie Louie versions and related songs as complete and meticulous as possible so if you:
  • find any mistakes here;
  • have additional information to missing items in this list, or, best of all:
  • have knowledge about versions of Louie Louie that do not yet appear in this discography
please e-mail me.
Please supply as much information as you can gather, but especially: artist, album-title, record label, catalog number, date of recording and release, musical genre, format and length and other important notes regarding to the artist or recording. A scan of the label and/or sleeve would also be much appreciated.
Thanks a lot in advance for your cooperation!
The Louie Louie discography, ordered alphabetically on artists' name. Also anonymous and unknown versions. Where the artist or group name is green, I have that one in my collection. When it's red I'm still looking for it... see the rightmost column. The Rhino, Jerden and Spanish Louie Louie compilation albums. Songs that are believed to have contributed the main ingredients from which Richard Berry found the inspiration for writing Louie Louie. Songs that bear relationship to Louie Louie: mainly by artists who had some brief succes with the song and who wanted to try the same trick once again. Also important alternative releases by Richard Berry as well as flipsides from his original 45s. The 'real' Louie Louie bastards: songs with the same chord progression, the same rhythmic pattern or otherwise more than coincidental similarities. Also parodies, homages, songs with LL-quotations and 'Louie Go Home' covers. This is the list of Louie Louie versions I'm still looking for. If you happen to own one of these and you want to get rid of it, or if you want to send me a recording of it (tape, cd, mp3, anything is welcome) please get in touch. In return I will send you a Louie Louie CD with versions of your own choice.