I'm still looking hard for all of the versions in this list; if you happen to own one of these, please get in contact with me!
In return I offer you a CD with any of the versions you want that are NOT in this list. So send me your own 'wanted'-list along with a recording of the version(s) you want to supply and I'll take care that you will get your own personalized Louie-Louie-Compilation!
Of course the same deal is on for any version of Louie Louie that doesn't appear at all in this discography!
Anarchy 6
Vince Andrae
The Apostles
The Backdoor Men
The Chiefs
Los Corbs
Da Monz
Otis Day and the Knights
The Downbeats
Los Elegantes
The Flash Back
Ace Frehley
Iggy Pop (Live Olympia, Paris)
The Illusions
The In-Crowd
Missing Links
Bob Mould
The Mystery Boys
Necators IV
The Rivieras
Rocky & Hal
The Shatters
The Sneakers
Les Splootch
Stevie and the Satellites
Pete Terrace
The Thunderbolts
Dick Walker and his Orchestra
XL 5 Minus 1
Les Zéniths