Rumour has it that the following lists of artists contain as yet unknown Louie Louie versions.
As there is no further information than the one below, these versions cannot be entered yet in the official Louie Louie discography. As soon as I get more information or a definite denial about one of these the appropriate action will be taken.
So your advice is most welcome here! See also 'unknown'

The following entry appears in the 'Music Master Tracks Catalogue' which means there must exist some recording of this, although no further details are available at the moment. Help wanted!

NEW !!! Koen found it !!! Look here !!! More soon !!!NEW
Artist name Album title
Turnpike Cruisers
Sleaze attack at the edge city drive in

Then there's the list Koen Goossens send me. It was the result of typing in 'Louie Louie' into the search engine of the CDDB Internet CD Database. Apart from a few hundred Kingsmen versions he extracted the following mystery Louie Louies. Obviously there are a lot of marching band versions among these but there could be some real gems out there! If you happen to recognise something you know more about please let me know!
Artist name Album title
Henry Lee Summer I've got everything
Auzrerlitz (or Auzterlitz?) Sun Au Macquisant
Les Getrex Fall in love
NDDHS Band Ascension
Marquette University Golden Eagles Band Courtside with ...
Guillaume Dechassy Nouvelles Aventures
Sálin Hans Jóns Mins Syngjandi Sveittir
Andy Lloyd Compilation; the acoustic rhythm & blues
Mobile Beat Top 200
Dean Regeneration
Cal Poly Mustang Band The band always wins 1997-1998
Yellow Jacket Marching Band Gameday!!!
Norton City Schools 1998 Fall Band Concert
UVV-Marching Band Wisc World
Showband Gifhorn Magical