Description of discography data

Group or artist name
(if this is in red it means I'm still looking for it)
Country Country City State, city or region from where (main core of) group or artist operates. So not necessarily town of origin.
Label Record label Cat. # Catalog number, original release
Song title Mostly 'Louie Louie' or course, but sometimes there are misspellings or translations or LL could be part of a medley Album title In case of an album the title of it is given here, otherwise empty
Recorded Year of recording Released Release-year of original recording
Style Description as close as possible to musical style of this cover Format Sound carrier on which the original recording was released
Time Running time Language Language in which LL is sung
More or less important secondary information or comments.
When possible I try to give the data for the original release. Often these are very hard to trace, therefore in many cases the data are given for the earliest known recording.