Stevie and the Satellites
Country USA City ?, Maryland
Cat. #
Song title Louie Louie Album title Stevie and the Satellites Vol.6
Recorded 1994 Released 1994
"Live at the 7th Anniversary Party" (of what?).
The album is no longer for sale, but can be recorded off WQSR every Christmas season, when the album is broadcast in it's entirety. Produced by Steve Drepperd. Executive Producer - Steve Rouse. Copyright 1995 American Radio Systems.
This is some charity release, according to the accompanying lines on WQSR's website: "Steve Rouse, nor WQSR make any money from the sale of the Stevie & The Satellites albums and videos. All proceeds from the sales go directly to the WQSR Children's Fund, a State of Maryland Registered Charity. Each year around Christmas time, Steve and WQSR distribute tens of thousands of dollars to children's charity such as the Johns Hopkins Children's Center! And we couldn't do it without you! Thanks and enjoy!"
Is there someone in the reach of this Maryland radio station who can make a recording of this next Christmas?