The Sanctions
The Sandpipers
Mongo Santamaria
The Seeburg Spotlight Band
The Sentinals
The Shadows
Paul Shaffer
The Shags
Sha Na Na
The Shatters
The Shockwaves
Richard Simmons & The Sweatin' Band
Sisters Of Mercy
The Sleepfarmers
Slim Jim
Patti Smith
The Sneakers
The Someones
The Sonics
Sounds Orchestral
Les Splootch
The Spoons
Bruce Springsteen
The Squids
The Standells
Stevie and the Satellites
Dave Stewart and Barbara Gaskin
The Stupid Set
Los Supersonics
The Surfaris
Surfside 5
David Surkamp
The Swamp Rats
The Swingin' Medaillons
The Syndicate Of Sound