Jack E. Lee and the Squires
Song title Love That Louie Album title
Label RCA Victor Cat. # 47-8452
Style garage Format 45
Time 2:24 Composer Milton Korgan / Jack Ely
Subtitled 'The Original Louie Louie man and The Squires. This is the very best reworking of Louie Louie ever! Done by none other than the original Kingsmen's lead vocalist, Jack Ely. This is really Louie Louie turned inside out and upside down, but in essence it's the same song.
Kory Olson: "This song is the rightful heir to Louie Louie. Everything that made Louie Louie great is equaled or bested in this epic - the out of control drum fills, the slurred vocals, the raw energy and the bacchanalian cry 'let's give it to 'em right now'. To all those plagiarizing garage heads: this is how it's done. Lightning struck twice for Jack Ely and nobody heard."
But once more the question arises: What's he singing about? Are these lyrics obscene?