Louie Louie parodies and homages
The border between homage and parody can be a rather thin line, so I won't try and put labels of one or the other one the next songs. You decide for yourself. Some of Frank Zappa's pastiches could also be put in this place but I decided to give those a separate home. Maybe in time I should do the same to Billy Childish.
Aletha and the Memories The Worst Song In The World
Billy Childish Louie Riel
Kal David & The Exceptions Dancin' Danny
Thee Headcoats Louie Louie - Where Did She Roam
Th' Lunkheads Louie Oom Mow Mow
The Pretenders Louie Louie
The Vibrations Dancin' Danny
Wally George Wally Wally