Louie Go Home
Out of sheer frustration their version of 'Louie Louie' was overruled by their fellow citizens The Kingsmen Paul Revere and Mark Lindsay wrote an answer song to it entitled 'Louie Go Home'. They recorded even two different versions of this answer song, which also became the subject of many cover-versions. It was a popular (live)song of mainly obscure 60s garage bands. Sometimes mistitled as 'Louie Louie Go Home'.
The 'Shout! Northwest Killers Vol.2' album featured a previously unreleased tune by The Legends which was an answer song to 'Louie Go Home' titled 'Louie Come Back'. The only answer-answer-song?
Paul Revere & the Raiders Louie Go Home
Paul Revere & the Raiders Louie Go Home
The A-Bones Louie Go Home
The Chambermen Louie Go Home
David Jones and the King Bees Louie Louie Go Home
Jack Ely and the Courtmen Louie Go Home
The Missing Lynx Louie Go Home
The Mussies Louie Go Home
The Time Beings Louie Go Home
The Who Lubie (Come Back Home)
The Legends Louie Come Back