Necators IV
Country USA City New York
Label Sanders Recordings Cat. # G-1001
Song title Louie Louie Album title Prime Cut
Recorded mid 60s Released mid 60s
Style garage/surf Format LP
Found this one on Ebay. Excerpt of the accompanying text:
"It is definitely 60s vintage, probably mid 60s judging by the titles. The vinyl is fairly thick, characteristic of LPs produced at that point in time. The jacket is plain white with green print. The reverse is blank. Group members are listed on the jacket: Rick Godknecht - lead; Paul Halpern - rhythm; John Boddington - bass; and Al Kraemer - drums. Title of the LP is "PRIME CUT". Tracks are "Baja", "Stoked", "Pipeline", "Louie, Louie", "Fun, Fun, Fun", "Walk, Don't Run", "The Things We Said Today", "Please Please Me", "Surfer's Stomp", "Was It A Lie", "Mrs. Brown", "This Boy", and "Anne". As you might expect from the titles, there is a mix of vocals and instrumentals. It is a great sounding LP, it has that great "amateur" sound that we all remember from teen dances back in the day."
Eventually it was sold for the ridiculous prize of $356.