The Mystery Boys
Country UK City
Label Energy Cat. # NRG 10
Song title Louie Louie Album title
Recorded 1982 Released
Style rock/disco Format 45
Language english
For years this one was a great mystery indeed, only found in the 'Tracks' book. But at last Clay Stabler tracked it down and uncovered a big part of the mystery:
"Not sure who the Mystery Boys are but the producers are Howard Kruger on the A-side and Dave Barnard on the B-side. 'Sixty Minutes' was written by Dave Barnard and Eric Wright, so I nominate Dave Barnard for sure as a Mystery Boy. Anyone know anything about this group?
Their LL version very interesting musically. They use the A-D-Em progression and mix in some great saxophone work on the solo and at the end. Kind of a club/disco beat to it. The words are a mishmash - some right, some wrong, some incomprehensible. They obviously didn't have access to the correct lyrics."