Die Lokalmatadore
Country Germany City Düsseldorf
Label Teenage Rebel Records Cat. # TR 096
Song title Uli Uli Album title
Recorded 2000? Released 2000?
Style hardrock Format 45 EP
Time 2:24 Language german
Adapted lyrics, "Uli Uli, noch ein Bier" (Uli Uli, another beer). It's fair enough to have divergent views about this version, but at least the barkeeper is doing his job properly here. This is an EP, titled ironically(?) and featuring 'Wir Hassen Die Ramones' (We hate the Ramones) and with other tracks 'Ey Keule' and 'Mega Asis'.
Distributed by and still available at Incognito Records, who are worthwhile paying a visit to anyway, if you're favouring the good old punk feel and are not easily offended by let's say: somewhat liberal lyrical emanations. A great catalog!