Intense Mutilation
Country USA City
Label New Renaissance Records Cat. #
Song title Chew Me, Chew Me Album title Safe Sex
Recorded 1989 Released 1989
Style metal Format CD
Time 2:10 Language english
As might be expected from the title-adaptation, the lyrics to this version (written by Intense Mutilation themselves) are not very subtle. New work for the FBI?

Chew Me Chew Me, Dead Baby
She made it grow now, Aye aye aye aye aye
Chew Me Chew Me, Dead Baby
She made it grow

A slutty little whore, she had VD
She wanted 10 bucks, but I gave her three
She chews the hairs around my bone
Forget the tooth brush, give her a comb

My nuts on her chin is all you can see
The crabs from her crotch begin to chew me
The crabs chew my cheeks and they chew my ass hair
I blow them off with a blast of ass air

She kneels below and I stand above
Yankin' my Franklin' with her righty rubber glove
She wants a snack break, hasn't eaten since ten
Head cheese and crackers, then she chews again


Chew, bitch!!

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