The Louie Louie Collection by The Best of the Northwest
Label Jerden Records Cat. # JRCD 7011
Released 1994 Total time: 38:37
Artist Song title Time
The Mystery Band Louie Louie 2:44
Don & the Goodtimes Louie Louie 5:12
Little Bill & the Adventurers Louie Louie 2:25
The Feelies Louie Louie 2:59
Charlie & the Tunas Louie Louie 3:02
Junior Cadillac Louie Louie 3:45
Paul Revere & the Raiders Louie Louie 2:25
Mellowdramatics Louie Louie 7:23
Ian Whitcomb Louie Louie 4:44
The Kingsmen Louie Louie 2:49
The University of Washington Husky Marching Band Louie Louie 1:19
A great compilation from the area where it all started, however very poorly documented. The scarce liner notes say:
"The Louie Louie Collection, by the Best of the Northwest" features 11 different versions of the song as performed by a wide variety of Northwest artists. Recordings featured go from 1963 by The Kingsmen to 1989 by the University of Washington Husky Marching Band. Other than The Kingsmen, most of the recordings were done in Seattle.
The song, though originally composed by Richard Berry, would finally become the world's most famous rock n roll song thanks to the version recorded by The Kingsmen in 1963 in Portland, Oregon.