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As already described in 'why this website' this song was an immediate obsession to me from the first note of the intro on the day I first heard it (the Kingsmen), ignorant of the history and impact the song already had had in the USA. Only much later, when the first Rhino compilation and Dave Marsh's book came out I started to realise I wasn't the only maniac around. So it was inevitable that some parts of those sources I consulted have subconsciously mingled with my own opinions and observations. Wherever I wàs conscious of this I have mentioned the finding place. On this page you can find a summarize of books, publications and other sources concerning this matter.
'LOUIE LOUIE' by Dave Marsh
Edited by: Hyperion, 114 Fifth Avenue, New York, New York 10011, USA
1995, ISBN 1-56282-865-7
Subtitled: "The history and mythology of the world's most famous rock 'n' roll song; including the full deatils of its torture and persecution at the hands of the Kingsmen, J. Edgar Hoover's FBI, and a cast of millions; and introducing, for the first time anywhere, the actual dirty lyrics"

This is obviously the standard work. History, cultural whereabouts and backgrounds of song and composer. All about the FBI investigations. Apart from ripping the discography list from this book there may have slipped several quotations from these chapters all over my website.
'The Originals', by Arnold Rypens,
1st, 3rd and 4th ed., edited by:
First Edition BRT 1987, ISBN 90-5096-011-1
Third Edition Fontein 1996, ISBN 90-02-20451-5
Fourth Edition Vox 2000, ISBN 90-76695-02-4

Another standard work for anyone who is interested in song covers, and especially where they originally came from. 7300 plus entries in the last edition. Updates and additions appear from now on on the 'Originals'-website
The Official Music Master Tracks Catalogue, 4th ed.
Edited by: Waterlow Information Services Ltd., 8 Shepherdess Walk, London N1 7LB
1992, ISBN 0-904520-73-0

The telephone book of popmusic. Alphabetical list of titles.
'Who sang what in Rock 'n' Roll' by Alan Warner.
Edited by: Blandford, an imprint of Cassell, Villiers House, 41/47 Strand,
London WC2N 5JE, 1990, ISBN 0-7137-2089-1
The FBI Louie Louie Files.

Although a considerable part has been blacked out before these files were made public they give a great view to America's governmental paranoia 60s in general and the extensive work the government did to protect their minors from possible damage. Very amusing and pathetic at the same time.
You can download or view the complete FBI-file in .pdf (Acrobat Reader) format by clicking on the document on the left. Its size is 121 pages, total 1.6 MB.
Other important (Louie Louie) websites
Almost from the very day the website was up I got reactions from all over the world, obviously lots from the US but I discovered soon that Louie Louie was not only a legend over there. I got reactions from Finland to South Africa and from Canada to Japan. Below is a list (in more or less chronological order) of people that attributed either a lot of information and corrections to the site or several new additions to the discography and to my collection, varying from an mp3-attachment to very big parcels full of Louie Louie goodies that I would otherwise never have been able to put my hands upon. Without these people this website wouldn't have been half as extended and comprehensive as it is now, and I really owe them a lot of gratitude! Here's to you fellows!
Andy Martello
Andy is an entertainer / juggler from Chicago who was the very first to react to my calls and the first living proof to me that I wasn't the only louiist around. We exchanged a lot of versions back then. After some radio silence he has resurfaced again lately, once more with some new versions I had only heard rumours of before. He combines a weird myriad of interests which, apart from Louie Louie, ranges somewhere between Twin Peaks and cigars as well as the wonderful art of online plate-juggling. Have a look at his amazing Andyland website (there's also a special Louie Louie department there).
Eric Predoehl This is his website of the man who is dedicating a considerable part of his life and times to the realisation of the definite documentary about the song and its composer 'The Meaning Of Louie'. He is also the one who uncovered the 'Louie-Louie-FBI-files' (read the Marsh book) and he releases the LOUIE REPORT NEWS at regular times, containing lots of info on and around Louie Louie. LouieLouie.Net is his website. Go there and get subscribed! Eric's website gives a lot of information concerning the whereabouts of the (original) artists, Richard Berry, the Kingsmen, Paul Revere, the Northwest scene and Louie Louie-related matter in general.
"King" Koen Goossens Thé Belgian 'Louie Louie' detective but also author of the amazing "I Can Only Give You Everything"-website. If you have mastered Louie Louie there's more to learn! And this time you only need three strings on your guitar. Koen is also the very dedicated frontman of many a Belgian garage band, like The Paranoiacs, The Ewings, Bonedaddy and probably many more. Many new 'Louie Louie' entries resulted from his extensive and fierce research work!
Hitomi Ishikawa The 'Cutie Morning Moon'-website, lots of material on the global garage scene, including the (downloadable) 'Searchin' For Shakes' database.
Thank you very much:
Menachem Turchick delivered a lot of information about 60s garage covers and also a lot of versions from that era. He is also the author of the aforementioned 'Searchin' For Shakes' database.
Koert Broersma almost doubled my collection with many new versions, but also gave lots of information and solved several burning questions. Lots of versions, but also many sleeve-pics come from his extensive collection, not only on Louie Louie...
Marc Coulavin The man from Canada who delivered a constant updating of the discography with many new and unknown entries and did a very meticulous discography-error-browsing.
Kory Olson
came up several times with the most surprising and awesome versions and soundalikes. Especially his 'Love That Louie' contribution is of great value to me! Further on a big thanks for his hilarious criticisms and song descriptions which I freely and frequently have used in the comment sections of the discography.
Even the Kingsmen themselves thank him for his indispensable cooperation!
Mike Kolesar formerly of Psychotic Petunia and Eddie and the Otters' fame contributed some great new versions as well as the Swamp Rats 45!
Dirk Roeyen delivered the Cramps' versions, a big Cramps expert (he even wrote a book about them). Listen to his 'Ungawa' radio show - Antwerp, Belgium, every Sunday 18:00 on FM 103.90 - and go check out Dutronic or Catacombo!
Aad van Nieuwkerk browsed the Dutch national broadcast-phonotheque for Louie Louie (and found five new ones there!) but also was the one who gave me the opportunity to participate in several VPRO-radio-programs in order to promote Louie Louie in the low lands.
Clay Stabler has compiled a database (and a considerable collection) of Louie Louie 45 rpm 7" vinyl singles and also delivered some interesting, yet unknown facts! Many info regarding LL single-versions I owe to his meticulous work, and some of his research facts I have stolen for these pages! His 45-database is downloadable as an Acrobat Reader file from LouieLouie.Net.
Thomas Gjurup Just when I thought the well had dried up he called in with three long-wanted versions (Allen, Beatchers, Simba) plus a new (Mexican) one and another great French bastard version!
Then there are lots of people that have supplied useful additions, information and curiosities. So, also in chronological order thanks to: Josh Cohen, John Gladu, Pezpunk, Wiel (Psyché Rock), Dirk Devoldere, Tania Taylor, Björn Waller, Jim Kosluchar, Mark Moore (Captain N. info), Lilly de Haan (Spanish translation), Jim Loughrie, Ken Schneider, Finbar T.McGrath, Carlos Santamaria, Laura Unterweger (Pharaoh Pharaoh), Rolf Nordlund (The Simpsons), DJ Skizm (dance versions), Filippo Squeri, Filippo Castore (Parmesan Cheese, among others), the lyrics-translators Isak Lytting, Rod Fountain, Perez Jong Loy and Christine, Simon M., Paul Saxton (for John The Postman), Yakov Grinberg, Vanya Rancic.
Miscellaneous (Louie Louie) links
The Kingsmen The official Kingsmen web site.
The Fabulous Wailers All about (Rockin' Robin Roberts and) the Wailers.
Paul Revere and the Raiders All about PRR, then and now.
The KFJC playlist The almost complete (but rather inaccurate) playlist from KFJC's 'Maximum Louie Louie' marathon, aired from August 19-22, 1983.
The lyrics Some more parodies and spoofs.
The Ultimate band list Is exactly what it says: the band that isn't there has to be invented yet.
The Louisiana Music Archives All about Louisiana music and musicians. After all, Richard Berry was born in Extension, LA.
Experience Music Project An interactive music project settled in Seattle Washington.
The Internet Movie Database Most of the 'Louie Louie in the movies' info came from here...
The Useless Pages Well... they have awarded this Louie Louie site as one of the most useless things on the Internet, so the least we can do is to include this link in return.
A very good online alternative CD-store
Studio Brussel
Belgian radio station. Great listening (if they don't play too much rap and hiphop).
Also in Real Audio.
VPRO-radio VPRO-radio in the person of Aad van Nieuwkerk spend already two times a program on the Louie Louie matter. On March 8, 2000 there was a three-hour marathon on 'Muziek Terwijl U Slaapt' and on May 7, 2001 the program 'Night Train' was dedicated to the song.